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Whatever may be your profession, modern-day requirements demand a website for each one of you just like the social media handles. Here’s where the WordPress services can help you out! It enables even an amateur to build a website without investing in a high-profile developer. Imagino sets up a platform where we dish out WordPress services by professionals to help you in your journey to build websites, blogs or even E-Commerce sites. So, if you’re in need of one, drop us a line in the contact below!

Advantages of WordPress

If you would like to share your business on the web and does not need custom coding, then WordPress is the best choice you can ever have. WordPress makes it easy to showcase your products and services to your target audience, get a search engine ranking or even share the photos and videos of your business. Here are some of the significant advantages of WordPress.


WordPress is the easiest to use content management system available till date. Even though there are similar systems in use today, most of them are not beginner-friendly.


WordPress services have become extensive and it is possible even to create an E-Commerce website using it. The functionalities that WordPress offer are more than enough for any budding entrepreneur to market their product or services to their prospective customers.

Free to use

WordPress is a free, open-source software where there are no hidden charges or premium subscriptions hidden inside. The software can be easily downloaded from WordPress.org and you can have access to all the services it offers.

Let your website stand out with the theme

Using multitudes of theme options available at WordPress, you can make your website stand out. There are options to change the style, choose the colour combinations and layouts. A bit of creativity and a WordPress will make your website look attractive without getting into the complications of coding.

Control your site remotely

Since WordPress is browser-based software, it is easy to log in to your account from any internet-connected system, access and control your website or blog.

Get multiple access

WordPress account permits multiple users to access the account. Hence, you can give access to multiple users, assign the accessibility levels of each one of them in operating the same.

Our WordPress Services

WordPress welcomes enthusiastic amateurs to use its services at ease, just by skimming through the tutorials available online. But if you are serious about making a proper business website through WordPress and getting the best out of it, then you need a reliable service provider to do the same for you. Here’s where Imagino comes for your help with our highly proficient team in WordPress services. Get to know the best reasons in detail on why should you choose us!

We do market-demanding WordPress Website Development

A WordPress website is so easy to set up. But what about a market-demanding one? We, at Imagino, follow and regularly update on the fluctuating market requirements and are capable of serving you the high-quality website satisfying them. We are also flexible to customize your website according to the industrial/institutional demands and make them feel unique and professional.

Theme Customization

You can customize themes as you wish. Your website welcomes its prospective audience with its user interface and themes of display. We can customize the themes for your website, analysing the characteristics of your business domain and making them look captivating and engaging. We help clients with PSD to WordPress theme conversion services and custom theme development requirements.

Maintenance and Support

We do take utmost care and attention while responding to your queries and doubts post-delivery of your WordPress website development assignment as well as during the development. For us, support and maintenance are equally important as the development aspect since every project bears the dedication and devotion of our highly passionate team at work.

WordPress Migration

Imagino undertakes a WordPress migration service for your page. Via WordPress migration, We can swiftly switch your website to a new host with no loss of data. Our WordPress migration experts will migrate your website to any new domain, server, or hosting with ease, and with ZERO downtime.

How we works

At Imagino, we spend time understanding the client portfolio to suggest the best suiting engagement model for them. Moreover, you can also directly choose from the commonly accepted models or chip in suggestions for a tailor-made engagement model.

Research and Discovery
The web app development process may be the same for every client. But, it is quite important to note that each client approaches us in need of a web app that could get a distinctive brand frame for their business both in functionality and aesthetics. Hence, adequate research and discovery before implementing the development process are imperative.
Validating and Shaping Data
We perform data validation and shaping using the most simpler and smarter way in the concern. Multiple times validation happens in a uniform manner assuring accuracy and efficiency.
Design and Prototyping
Designing a web application does not only add up to the visual quality of a website but also decides the engagement duration, convenience and even the loading speed of the web application. Prototyping gives further clarity in speculating the response of the prospective customers to the UX as a whole.
Development is the core part of web development. Although WordPress web development does not necessarily ask for professional coding knowledge, we put passionate efforts to do it to bring the desired customization or to match the functionality requirements.
Testing and Quality Assurance
Since we do put our maximum care and attention into writing the preliminary code with the least errors possible, the process of testing becomes quite simple and saves a lot of our time. We execute a set of activities to assure the quality of the final output as a web app to our end users.
Going Live
In this stage, the app is all set to run on the web and has successfully all levels of testing. The application can do anything including live streaming and will satisfy all your functional requirements through it.
Maintenance and Support
The maintenance and support team we have at Imagino is quite approachable and understanding. The team easily encapsulates the reason for your query, learn and pass it on to the concerned section and will get it fixed in the least time possible.


Can I see the WordPress design before it’s built?
Absolutely! You’ll get to see it. We create mock-ups so that you can get an idea of how your website will look and function. Once we’re done developing rough illustrations, we send them to you for approval.
Who is going to take care of the content on my WordPress site?
You can either provide us with the content from your end or simply opt for our content services.
What types of WordPress development services are you offering?
Imagino provides a wide range of WordPress development services that are suitable for different industries and organizations. We offer complete website development with configuration and installation. Our developers can also offer third-party integrations, upgrades, customizations, CMS development, plugin developments, and WooCommerce store among others.
Do you provide custom themes and plug-ins?
Yes, we do offer this service. In fact, we’ve created enormous custom plugins and themes following the set specifications of our clients. Our WordPress experts will create attractive layouts and functionality that grab the attention of the users.
How will I get regular updates on my WordPress development
Whenever we start working on a WordPress project, the project delivery manager stays in regular touch with the client. You will also have a dedicated web developer or a team of developers (it all depends on your requirements). The project delivery manager will remain in direct touch with you to provide regular updates on the progress of the project. Our objective is to ensure that there is clear transparency. You can opt for any medium of communication with us.
Once I launch my website, what kind of services can I expect?
The experts at imagino always keep an eye out for the latest trends and new updates. We are up-to-date with the latest developments in the digital and technological worlds, and we constantly update our services to enhance the performance of our clients’ websites.
What if I already have a design for my WordPress Website?
Yes, if you have the designs ready, you can share them with us, our WordPress developers can integrate them with WordPress
How much will it cost to build a WordPress website?
The cost of developing a WordPress website is based on factors like the website’s categories, the platform used for web development, the intricacy of your website, and the number of features added to the site. Contact us for details!

Which Industries Our Company Serves?

Get ahead of the digital world and make a difference in your online market with help from imagino solutions. No matter what type of your business or any target demographics As an IT solution provider we will boost your business to the next level.

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