Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

We are a full-service software companion, proficient in designing, developing, launching, and maintaining all kinds of mobile, and web applications. Our experienced designers create breakthrough and intuitive designs and ensure that your visitors have a seamless user experience. Imagino designing team will provide a complete package of elements, colors, alignments, animations, fonts, and so forth to design your mobile app. We have considerable expertise in designing mobile apps for various sectors including healthcare, social networking, travel, eCommerce, etc. With the help of passionate designers, we have managed to design mobile apps that tempt users to keep using your mobile app.

Imagino Engagement Models

A good app design attracts users and strengthens your brand image. We take every work as unique and custom, keeping the process very personalized for the product.

Usability Testing

Our UI experts are very careful when it comes to the quality of our apps. For this reason, they monitor the issues users encounter and apply a usability testing approach to address those issues and concerns.

Introduce New Trends

Our app designers love to introduce new app designs that fit our customers' trends. We also develop ready-to-use mobile app designs that are visually appealing and set standards for designers.

Maintenance and support

Our expert mobile App designers will be there for you to respond to your queries and doubts while app designing. Our support team will monitor and inform updates to our clients.

How we works

At Imagino, we spend time understanding the client portfolio to suggest the best suiting engagement model for them. Moreover, you can also directly choose from the commonly accepted models or chip in suggestions for a tailor-made engagement model.

Research and Discovery
The web app development process may be the same for every client. But, it is quite important to note that each client approaches us in need of a web app that could get a distinctive brand frame for their business both in functionality and aesthetics. Hence, adequate research and discovery before implementing the development process are imperative.
Validating and Shaping Data
We perform data validation and shaping using the most simpler and smarter way in the concern. Multiple times validation happens in a uniform manner assuring accuracy and efficiency.
Design and Prototyping
Designing a web application does not only add up to the visual quality of a website but also decides the engagement duration, convenience and even the loading speed of the web application. Prototyping gives further clarity in speculating the response of the prospective customers to the UX as a whole.
Development is the core part of web development. Although WordPress web development does not necessarily ask for professional coding knowledge, we put passionate efforts to do it to bring the desired customization or to match the functionality requirements.
Testing and Quality Assurance
Since we do put our maximum care and attention into writing the preliminary code with the least errors possible, the process of testing becomes quite simple and saves a lot of our time. We execute a set of activities to assure the quality of the final output as a web app to our end users.
Going Live
In this stage, the app is all set to run on the web and has successfully all levels of testing. The application can do anything including live streaming and will satisfy all your functional requirements through it.
Maintenance and Support
The maintenance and support team we have at Imagino is quite approachable and understanding. The team easily encapsulates the reason for your query, learn and pass it on to the concerned section and will get it fixed in the least time possible.


What UI/UX design tools and technologies do you work with?
We work on all the latest and advanced technologies, including web as well as mobile app design & development. Our UI/UX designers use tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.
What does it cost to design an app?
We can't define the exact cost of Mobile app design services, as it highly depends on your requirements. Though, you can identify the average cost of your app designing project by knowing the scope of work, level of experience of the app designer, region of the app designing company, and specific skills needed to bring your project to life.
Why hire a UI designer?
If you wish to build an app that does more than just perform tasks OR if you wish to build an app that people love to use, you need a UI designer. To find the best UI designer for your project, you need to first identify your UI design needs.
How do you ensure the quality of the design?
We keep our eyes on the latest design trends and implement these proficiently to craft a user-friendly and modern design for your business.

Which Industries Our Company Serves?

Get ahead of the digital world and make a difference in your online market with help from imagino solutions. No matter what type of your business or any target demographics As an IT solution provider we will boost your business to the next level.

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